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Will Boat Insurance Cover Your Boat When It Is On Dry Land?

Boat insurance is one of those insurance policies that can provide value in a lot of unique ways. Think about what happens to your boat throughout the year. The boat goes from dry land, preparation for the boating season, hitting the water, removal, preparing for winter, and storage. This is the cycle of most boats from one season to the next, and there are many opportunities for something to go wrong. This is where the boat insurance that we provide at the Tarheel Insurance Group comes into play.

Boat Insurance and the Dry Land Factor

Most would assume that boat insurance will provide you with coverage if you have your boat out on the open water. This is very likely the case, but what happens when that boat is now on dry land? When you have the boat out of the water, on a trailer, or lifted and stored for the winter, where does the boat insurance coverage begin and end?

Many would immediately think that when the boat leaves the water, you can get rid of the boat insurance coverage until next year. This could not be farther from the truth for boat owners.

Keep the Boat Insurance Active

You want to keep your boat insurance policy active when your boat is on dry land. You want to keep in mind all of the risks that come along with your boat throughout the year, such as fire and theft when on dry land. With boat insurance, you can have adequate protection over these things should something happen to your boat.

Our team at the Tarheel Insurance Group in Wilmington, NC wants you to fully understand what boat insurance is all about and where the benefits come in. Let us help walk you through the types of coverages, and where and when they go in effect, so you can take full value from your boat insurance policy.

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