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Classic Car Insurance in North Carolina

Unlike traditional car insurance in North Carolina, the concept of classic car insurance is in a category of its own. Most vehicles tend to start depreciating as soon as the purchase is made and it is driven off the car lot. In the case of a classic car, the value increases because, in most instances, they are well taken care of. In fact, classic cars are often of significant value to the owners and an obvious investment, which the owner goes to lengths to protect.

Obtaining a Policy

To obtain a classic car insurance policy, your vehicle has to qualify for it. Most insurance agents consider a classic automobile to be 10 years or older with historical value and interest. The vehicle that is more than 25 years is considered to be antique. The classic or antique vehicle should be limited in activity, which means it shouldn’t be driven often. An insurance agent will expect you to have your classic vehicle preserved, restored and maintained.

Things to Consider

There are some things that your agent will consider. Once a fair value is agreed, the agent will offer full coverage for future losses. Some insurance companies will also consider a limit on mileage, which means that you won’t be allowed to drive the vehicle frequently. Your agent will try to choose a policy that has a generous cap on mileage. It is also important to get roadside assistance for any mechanical issues while driving. If you will be participating in multiple exhibits, then you should consider a policy that has liability coverage. The agents at Tarheel Insurance Group in Wilmington NC offers classic car insurance to motorists who have invested in an antique or have had a classic car with the desire to change their insurance companies.

Make Contact With Us

If you are ready to get a quote for classic car insurance, contact one of our agents at Tarheel Insurance Group in Wilmington, NC and we will be able to guide you and help you make an informed decision. We will take a look at your primary needs to makes sure you get sufficient coverage to protect you and your investment while driving on the road.

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