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Condo Insurance in North Carolina

North Carolina Condos

If you have a condo, it should be insured against calamities, accidents, and more. It is an important asset, and that asset can be much safer with a condo policy in place. If you have a condo and need insurance for it, call us at Tarheel Insurance Group in Wilmington, NC to get started.

Insurance Coverage

Getting condo insurance is a lot like getting homeowners' insurance for any other home, but there are a few key differences. With home insurance, the entire structure is covered as well as what's in it. With condo insurance, you don't own the whole building. Many of the parts of condo communities are owned by the condo board. They take out their own insurance policy on part of the building you are in as well as the common areas. Generally, the outside of the building is for the condo board to insure, and the inside is for you to insure. It's important to make sure you have enough coverage for everything, including liability.


If you have made any improvements on your condo, even if it's on the outside, you are responsible for both maintaining them and insuring them. Make sure that you update your insurance policy after you have added any improvements to the outside of your condo.

Talking to an Agent

If you already have condo insurance, you might not have enough, or you may be overpaying for what you do have. If you want to go over your condo insurance to see if you need a better policy, call us at Tarheel Insurance Group in Wilmington, NC. We can look over your policy and help you to assess just what you need and whether you could save money on your condo policy. If you have a new condo in North Carolina and need insurance coverage, come to us and speak to one of our knowledgeable agents.

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