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Auto Insurance in North Carolina

The traditional way to buy auto insurance is through an authorized insurance agency. The advantage of acquiring insurance through an agent or company like Tarheel Insurance Group is that you receive personalized treatment and good advice.

The Coverage

As is the case with many states, if you want to drive a vehicle in North Carolina, there is a state mandate that you must have a specific type of coverage for auto insurance. This includes coverage for:

  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily Injury
  • The uninsured and underinsured

Most drivers choose full coverage to include all while others choose the minimum for protection during an accident.

Liability and Uninsured Coverage

In the state of North Carolina, drivers must have liability coverage, in addition to uninsured coverage. Most insurance policies in this state are issued for up to a year and no less than six months. The policy is also renewable.

The Law

According to G.S. 20-309 state law, all motorists in North Carolina must have a valid vehicle registration with liability insurance and this must be provided by a state-licensed agency. The state does not accept out-of-state auto insurance policies. With liability insurance, drivers and passengers are protected against property damage and injuries resulting from the negligence of another driver with a minimum, limited, or no liability auto insurance.

Being Protected

Once you purchase a vehicle, consult with an auto insurance company where you can get a quote. Not all insurance agents have access to compare prices and so it is important to consult with an agency that does.

Buying Insurance

Buying auto insurance directly from the insurer has generally been proven to be the best option. Some Wilmington, NC insurers are not prepared to serve clients directly and satisfactorily, as most of their policies are made through a distributor. Therefore, their customer service is not of the desired quality. So, you have to choose an insurance agency that puts customers first. If you live in North Carolina and would like help with auto insurance, contact Tarheel Insurance Group right away.

Contact Us

At Tarheel Insurance Group in North Carolina, we always recommend that you compare prices and auto insurance offers before buying or before renewing your insurance, so you will be protected and take care of your assets. We are here to guide you along the way.

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